Meet the Board of Directors

Auld Reekie Roller Derby is a truly DIY, not-for-profit roller derby league: we are run by our members for our members, and have no paid staff. Lots of people dedicate hundreds of hours volunteering their time to help run and develop the league.

Let’s meet some of those volunteers – Auld Reekie’s Board of Directors!

Gory Gilmore
Hey, I’m Gory Gilmore (or just Gory). I started skating in January 2017 and became a fully-fledged member of Auld Reekie in September 2017. Although I’ve not been with that league that long compared to some people, I’ve really thrown myself into it as much as I can – I skate, I NSO, I’m a member of two committees, I helped out as part of the rebrand working group, and I was spokesperson of the fundraising committee until joining the board. I’m looking forward to the new challenge of being co-chair and co-strategy lead alongside TC. I’m primarily a blocker (I particularly love offence and pivoting), and although I’m not on a team yet, that doesn’t stop me derbying – I can frequently be found hopping all over the country to play as many challenge games as possible. When I’m not doing something derby-related, I can be found baking, reading, gaming, wandering and cycling around the city, and playing guitar with my band Electric Alpaca.

Tenacious C
Hi I’m Tenacious C, I’ve just joined the Board as co chair and co strategy lead. This is a completely new experience for me and I am looking forward to getting to know the league better and being able to work together for the good of ARRD. I have been skating for 2 ½ years and  currently play as a crossover on the All Star Reserves / All Stars. Skating and being part of the league is one of the best things that has happened to me, It was the first active thing I had done for myself in many years. I have met and continue to meet loads of wonderful people, roller derby to me is a friendly, inclusive sport and as a league I feel that we are supportive and welcoming and I love being part it. I also coach new skaters and really enjoy this a lot, it’s great to watch people who may not have been even able to stand on skates at the start  progress and gain confidence throughout the weeks. When I’m not coaching, training or skating I enjoy chilling out , baking, long walks, listening to music, nature, spending time with my family, friends and cats and of course watching roller derby 🙂

Bone Collector
Hiya, I’m Bone Collector, aka Bones. I’ve just joined the board as Treasurer. I’ve only been a part of this league for almost a year now. This should a fun new experience for me and a good learning curve. I’ve been involved in derby since my first practice in March of 2013 and this is my fourth league. Currently I’m an off skates member of the All Stars Reserves trying to patiently let my sprained ankle to heal fully. Outside of derby I’m a complete book worm and read probably a bit too much at times. I also try to take advantage of being on this side of the world and travel as much as I can.

Hello! I’m Jax and I recently joined the board as secretary. I joined ARRD in April 2017 as I wanted to make new friends, and be a part of something. I remember when I first started I was nervous as the league seemed so big so I made it a priority of mine to say yes to any opportunities that came my way – NSO’ing, committee work, challenge scrims, the more the merrier really! The league has done so much for me in the short time since joining that when positions became available on the board I felt it was my time to give a little something back.  I currently play as a jammer on the All Star Rookies and have loved every minute of it! Outside of derby you’ll more than likely find me hanging out with my dog.

I’m Panda and have been skating for nearly 4 years and been on the board for just over 1 year. My current role is Communications Lead – this concerns dealing with internal and external communications on behalf of the board, including responding to emails and writing public statements. Before this I was chair. During my time on the board I have gained many skills and invaluable insight into how the league works. I have taken on tasks such as ensuring we are GDPR compliant, chairing spokesperson meetings, and resolving grievances. It is hard work but I enjoy seeing my actions helping in the progression of the league. I currently play on the All Star Rookies mainly as a blocker, but do like the occasional shot as a jammer! Outside of skating I enjoy all things science, hill walking, baking, podcasts, reading and chilling with my cat.

What a lovely bunch! Thank you directors!