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26 January 2019
GuARRDians of the Galaxy: Referee Boot Camp

Aimed at – beginner – Intermediate refs, bench staff who want to learn more about ref interactions and rules, skaters who have a dual role, anyone interested in learning about ref skills and roles. A mix of on and off skates sessions.

Are you keen to develop your ref skills? Are you interested in starting to ref, but don’t know how or where to start? Are you an intermediate referee looking to solidify your knowledge, or just looking to revise? Auld Reekie are hosting a referee bootcamp, inviting beginner and intermediate referees, as well as bench coaches and other curious people to learn about ins and outs of roller derby reffing!

We are very happy to confirm that the bootcamp will be coached by the very experienced Jens Hötger, an instructor for the WFTDA OffEd program.

The bootcamp is going to include theory sessions (rules, verbal cues, initiation and impact assessment, positions and responsibilities) and an on skate-session with useful skills and positioning, and  a chance to practice the new skills/knowledge during short scrimmages.  Please note that on skates places are limited to facilitate this.

Jens has been involved with Roller Derby since 2009 and coached/bench coached for 7 years. He started officiating as a sidegig in 2012. Since transfering into mainly officiating he travels all over Europe with skates and whistles. Jens has been one of only two European Skating Officials to work all three stages of WFTDA Playoffs this year – D1-Playoffs, European Continental Cup and Champs!

More details will be available closer to the event.

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All about School of ARRD Knocks (SOAK)!

What makes SOAK so different from other boot camps?
When talking about setting up our first SOAK boot camp in 2012, we really wanted to make our boot camps affordable and accessible and a bit different.  In line with our leagues ethos of growing derby as a sport, none of our coaches take personal income from delivering training at these boot camps, all of the money gets ploughed straight back into our league – WHY?  Because without our league, and the opportunities it’s given us, we wouldn’t be in a position to be sharing our knowledge and skills with you all.

Our biggest priorities are bringing a lot of FUN, CREATIVITY and EXPERTISE into a day that is GREAT VALUE.

To have fun themes, keep the energy up, create supportive and accessible environments, and most of all to inject people with the love of derby and to remind people that training doesn’t always have to be boring repetitive drills.  Approaching problems with creative solutions is the most fun thing ever. We also throw music and a pun in at every opportunity – our league run boot camps have become legendary for their hilarious warm ups.

Running such a big league, with so many different levels of skaters, our coaches constantly try to come up with creative and different ways to approach drills and we wanted to share those approaches as far as possible; if we can inspire one person to step back and think about drills, or their home leagues training environment a little differently, then we’re happy bunnies. We were the first to bring ramps to you and host a beginners ramp class, and other past creative happenings have included parachutes, balls and giant crash mats for confident hitting training.

By this we mean as affordable as we can make them, and also value for money by including as much as we can! We don’t spend one hour watching you do the same move over and over, we equip you with several drills and ideas to take back to your own league and an understanding of how to measure success/development against the drills and how to expand them and add to them.

As our league has grown, many of our members have been inspired to change careers, train formally and informally and gain experience in all sorts of areas – Psychology, Nutrition, Personal Training and coaching methods. We’ve also built up a huge amount of experience over ten years in league structures, training, team building and team selection/feedback processes.  We want our skaters to want to come to training, so we focus a lot of energy on continuously improving our structures around training and development; we’re keen to share what we’ve learnt with you!

If you would like us to bring a boot camp to your league – visit our Coaching Outreach page for more details.