ARRG and D2 Play Offs – A message from the All Stars

2016 has been an awesomely exciting and successful year so far for the Auld Reekie Roller Girls. We’ve had record numbers of new skaters in every intake of our SkateSkills 101 Programme, record numbers of derby fans attend our home games, we launched a new travel team, our skaters, officials and refs have traveled and represented ARRG nationally and internationally and to cap it all, we’ve finished the season at 57 in the WFTDA rankings (the highest ever in our leagues history!) – and have been invited to the 2016 WFTDA D2 playoffs! So aye, it’s been a good year for ARRG so far.

Alongside the highs and successes, we’ve had our fair share of challenges and difficult calls. After a huge amount of thought and having talked it through as a team, we have had to make the unbelievably difficult decision not to accept our invitation to D2 play offs this year.

Anyone who skates, who trains tirelessly, who sacrifices and fights to be the best they can possibly be, anyone who knows and loves our sport, will understand just how difficult this decision was. Every ARRG team only ever wants to skate and compete as the very best team they can be and at this current point, due to a number of unavoidable factors we cannot field a full strength team and now is not our time to compete at play offs. We train as a team, we want to play as a team.

Now our focus is 100% on being that full strength team. Now we work towards next year, to training and preparing to ensure that when we next get the invitation to play offs, which we absolutely will do, we do so in a position to play as the team we know we can be, when we are at our full strength. We are hugely excited about the challenge and hugely excited about the potential we know we possess.

Year after year, as a team we have consistently climbed the international rankings and we’ve had some amazing successes so far, all thanks to the hard work of a succession of amazing skaters who led and played on the team, and the unrelenting support from our league mates. This is just a small part in the All Stars journey, we have so much more to do and we will fight hard to ensure we maintain our presence in European and International derby competitive pathways.

So aye, 2016 has been a great year but seriously pals…2017 is going to be an absolute beaut of a year for ARRG!

Huge thanks to our league and supporters for your understanding.

Auld Reekie All Stars

Image credit: Benma Photo