Auld Reekie Roller Derby is a truly DIY, not-for-profit roller derby league: we are run by our members for our members, and have no paid staff.

Being not-for-profit means any income we generate from membership fees, games, merch sales and fundraising is ploughed straight back into the running of the league.

This income has to cover:

  • Hall bookings for training sessions
  • Hall bookings for home games for two travel teams, as well as for regular InARRDuration (graduation/new skater) games
  • Travel and accommodation for away games for two travel teams
  • Team uniforms
  • Running our website
  • Producing any promotional print material
  • Printing merchandise
  • Any costs incurred by regular committee and board meetings, and well as our AGM and other league-wide meetings
  • We also subsidise a number of membership fees every year, to ensure that everyone who wants to be a member of Auld Reekie can afford to be.

All of this costs a lot of money! We are extremely proud to have built the league that exists today, and we are working hard to keep things going, but our funds are very limited.

Please consider donating to Auld Reekie Roller Derby, to allow us to continue to build and grow, enabling more people to benefit from this amazing sport.

Any amount will make a difference.

Thank you for your generous support!