Skate Maintenance Session

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Shootin Annie
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Re: Skate Maintenance Session

Post by Shootin Annie » Sun Jun 10, 2012 2:26 pm

It was really good hanging out with you guys this afternoon! And I hope you all did well on your minimums! :gbanana:

Please feel free to message me here, contact me on Facebook (I show up if you search for Shootin Annie), or email me if you have any more questions about how to look after your skates!


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Aly-Lou Yeah
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Re: Skate Maintenance Session

Post by Aly-Lou Yeah » Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:00 pm

There will be a Skate Maintenance Session, kindly to be hosted by Shootin' Annie, on Sunday the 30th September 2012 between 1.15 and 2.30pm at the Jack Kane
Centre. We will meet in the reception at 1.15pm.

Can you please email to reserve your place as it will only go ahead if there is enough interest. A donation of two pounds would be appreciated to cover the cost for the room hire. Hope to see you all there!

Below is a note from our host:

'For those of you coming along, it would be useful if you could bring a few things:*

Solvent. Citrus cleaner, rubbing alcohol, white spirit, etc. Citrus cleaner is probably the friendliest, with the least nasty fumes. If you don't have any, or would rather not carry around a bottle of nasty stuff around with you, I have a big bottle of industrial methylated spirits from my work that I will bring with to share.

Bearing Oil. Bones Speed Cream is the shizzle, but you can use any bearing oil, and apparently sewing machine oil works a treat if you've got it. I've got a bottle I can share, but it can also be had at Route One on Cockburn St if you want your own.

Small flat-bottomed dish/jar/tupperware. Something to clean your bearings in.

Hairdryer. I'll be bringing one along, but if we could get a couple more, that would be grand.

Various other stuff that I will supply: I'll bring along some old newspapers and kitchen roll. I also find rubber gloves handy for cleaning
bearings, as you don't really want solvent on your hands, so I'll bring along a supply of these too. Chopsticks are handy for swooshing your bearings around in the solvent, and for fishing them out - not sure if I have any at home, but a fork will do as well.

And remember your skates and your skate tools!!
Ref and Roll!

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