NSOing experience for the lovely fresh meat (NSO FUN TIMES!)

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NSOing experience for the lovely fresh meat (NSO FUN TIMES!)

Post by Midget Gems » Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:57 am

Hi all

My name is Midget Gems and I got the chance to have a wee chat with you last Sunday about NSOing and how to can be more involved in the league. :gbanana:

Every Friday evening, our advanced and intermediate skaters take part in scrims at the Crags from 7pm - 9pm - in order for these scrims to run smoothly and safely the need folk be Non Skating Officials - That's where you come in! :lol:

Now don't panic if you are thinking, 'But I don't know how to NSO' - don't worry! We will train you! We will make sure that you have a buddy to show you the ropes and who can answer any questions you have about roller derby. :dd:

You also get to witness roller derby. You get to see it live - IN THE FLESH! By watching the advanced and inter skaters skate, you will learn so much about roller derby from the rules to tactics. This will then help you become the ULTIMATE SKATER OF HOPES AND DREAMS!! :lol:

Please please please please come and give it a go! It's so much fun! :gbanana:

Training starts at 7pm but if you could arrive at 6:45pm we will get you all set up with an NSO position and go through all the stuff you need to know!

If you are wanting to come but are feeling a little nervous - DON'T BE NERVOUS! hehe - Give us an email: nso@arrg.co.uk and I will send you soothing poems.

So to recap - Come NSO tomorrow.

Here is a map of where the crags is:


Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Midget Gems XXXX :dd:
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Re: NSOing experience for the lovely fresh meat (NSO FUN TIM

Post by Wrong Arm of the Law » Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:41 pm


Everyone should do this, just be warned.....

.... Midget Gems will probably touch your face!!!! :o :lol: (it's her thing)

I really, really hope to see lots of you there!

Love 'n' fluffy hugs,

Bunnie / Wrong Arm of the Law :refbanana:
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