Rule of the Fortnight - Official Reviews

Rules of Derby (according to WFTDA) ask our all-knowing officials whatever you like.
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Rule of the Fortnight - Official Reviews

Post by Mags Payne » Sun Oct 18, 2015 2:48 pm

Hi pals,

So this thread we're going over OFFICIAL REVIEWS! Official reviews are basically time for you to bring to the officials any kind things that you want reviewed - usually this will be either a call that was not made, or a call that you believe should not be made. Most head refs will give the Captains and Alternates the opportunity to drop in feedback/questions on things during the 30 seconds between jams, but Official Reviews are for the things that require a longer discussion.
1.11.1 - Official Review: A team may request the attention of the Officials. - To request an Official Review, in between jams or immediately following the conclusion of the last jam of the period, the Captain or Designated Alternate will signal the Officials with the appropriate hand signal. Officials will signal for the clock to stop. - The Official Period Clock will remain stopped for a minimum of 60 seconds.
Ok, so you can find the official review hand signal in the WFTDA Officiating Hand Signals document. This is something IMPORTANT to know!

The Official Period Clock will remain stopped for a minimum of 60 seconds, even if things are resolved *really* quickly! - During the Official Review, the Head Referee will conference with both teams’ Captains and/or Designated Alternates. - During the Official Review, the Captain and/or Designated Alternate requesting the review may request to have an Official's decision reviewed. If such a request is made: - Decisions made during the prior jam may be reviewed, as may decisions made during the lineup time prior to that jam. Decisions made during the final jam may be reviewed, but only until the score has been declared final.
Most Head Refs I have worked with will bring in both Captains and Alternates, although the team who has brought the Official Review is generally the one allowed to bring up things - the other team are there to listen rather than to mount a defence.

If you are questioning a call made in the lineup time or during a jam, it can only happen AFTER that jam. The moment that the lineup time elapses and the new jam begins, you have lost the right to challenge anything that happened in the previous jam. If you try and have an Official Review to review something in an older jam, you may lose your Official Review! - Decisions outside the purview of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby may not be reviewed. - The Head Referee will then investigate the review with the other Officials, and use the information gathered to render a decision on the item under review, as well as related decisions. - The Head Referee will announce a decision. This decision is final.
For example - behaviour of audience members is *not* the duty of Officials to monitor! This is under the purview of the Game Management/Hosting League/Venue. The only time a head ref may get involved with audience members would be if they interfered with the game (like if they brought whistles/entered the track, etc).

Once the Head Referee has announced the decision (some leagues have the HR announce it to the crowd with a MICROPHONE! How high tech), this decision is final. I have seen teams try and then have an Official Review to argue about the previous Official Review...

Generally within the Official Review, the referees (and possibly NSOs, if they can provide any useful information) will come to a consensus on what happened/why things happened. You will generally find that referees may have been 90% sure of a call, but didn't make it (we never make calls on things we're not 100% on) due to not having the best eyes on something/being distracted by something else (like a collision with a skater) or simply being uncertain if the action they saw was illegal. The OR will have the official crew discuss and decide what the fairest course of action is. In the event a consensus can't be reached, the Head Ref will make the final decision. - If the Captain or Designated Alternate does not request that a decision be reviewed, they may use this 60-second period (see Section as they please.
Yes, you can use an Official Review as a cheeky team timeout! I've seen this happen before - the team just told the HR that they didn't want to review anything, and went back to their team.
1.11.2 - A team is guaranteed one Official Review per period. - If, during a team’s first Official Review of the period, a review of an Official's decision is requested and the Head Referee determines that an officiating error was made in relation to the objection, the team will retain its Official Review. - If the Captain or Designated Alternate does not request review of a decision according to Section, or if upon review it was determined that no officiating error occurred, their team will not retain its Official Review.
If it turns out that the Officials agree with you that a mistake was made, then you get to keep your Official Review! Hurrah! However, if we don't agree, then you will lose that review - this means that you want to be pretty sure you want something reviewed and that you think it can be overturned. "Team Black's jammer punched someone, but everyone was looking at the portal to hell that opened on track briefly" is probably not going to have a consensus - you've already answered your own question. Referees cannot reach a consensus on something that they didn't see!

Now, lots of crews run their ORs in different ways - some HRs will talk to the Captains and Alternates alone. Some will have the entire ref crew there (personally I prefer this as it means you don't lose any nuance when you relay the concern to the Officials). Some will have their officials kneel so as not to intimidate the skaters.

The most important thing you can do in an Official Review is bring your concern clearly and calmly. Being agitated or aggressive will not help anyone!

How not to do an Official Review:
I want to call an official review because the jammer ref is a fucking disaster and missed loads of points and one of the opposing skaters that I can't remember did a cut and the OPRs missed it and basically everything is awful
How to do an Official Review:
I would like to call an Official Review as we believe the our jammer, black 57, should have received 4 points instead of the 3 that were given. She passed two green skaters (99 and 23) while upright and inbounds, and green 27 and 39 are in the box.
The first example is abusive to the referees ("fucking disaster" could even be penalty worth language...), seems to address 2 issues and doesn't clearly say *what* points were missed.

The second example provides the exact scenario - skater numbers are always useful if possible, but don't worry if you can't remember - as well as the outcome you would like to see from this OR.

OFFICIAL REVIEWS! Gimme your questions :)
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Re: Rule of the Fortnight - Official Reviews

Post by PowerHouse » Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:33 am

Thanks Mags :)
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