Rule of the Week - Star Pass FAQs

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Rule of the Week - Star Pass FAQs

Post by Mags Payne » Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:59 pm

So, in a slight shake up, here are some questions that people had about star passes :) Let's jump straight in!
If you pass the star over the pack do you get their points?
Sorry, but no! Although this would be an excellent way to get some if it was allowed! The moment the jammer takes off the helmet cover, she is not eligible to get any points (she's an *inactive* jammer). Once the star is legally passed, the pivot is now an inactive jammer. Once she puts on the helmet cover she is now eligible to score points. The star, in and of itself, can't score points :)
Can you get a point for the jammer after a star pass?
JAMMER LAP POINTS. Everyone loves them cause they get to see the refs bonk themselves on the head. Now, as established above, the points can't be earned by a helmet cover alone. However, if the black jammer passes the star OVER the green jammer, the black pivot/jammer skates around then passes the green jammer who has been stuck in the pack the whole time, the black jammer/pivot *will* get a JLP. Why?

2.5.5 - A Pivot who has just become the Jammer is now subject to all rules per Section 7 - Scoring. The Pivot picks up where the previous Jammer left off (i.e., on the same pass, having scored points on the same Blockers during that pass).

The black jammer was on the same pass as the green jammer. The black jammer then skated around and passed the green jammer. It *DOESN'T* matter that the black jammer is a different person and blipped forward through the pack.
If I know that I'm going to pass the star while I'm serving a penalty can I take the panty off? Or will I get another penalty for doing it?
You can indeed remove helmet covers while sitting in the bin. There is no penalty for this and it will not change what position you are serving the penalty in :)
Can you maybe go over what happened on Friday cos I didn't quite get it.
Ok, for those who weren't there:

Green jammer passed the star to green pivot. This was a legal pass. Green pivot-turned-jammer then passed the star back to the green jammer-turned-blocker. The jammer-turned-blocker then received a penalty.

The reason the jammer-turned-blocker got the penalty was that I didn't see the pass happen. HOWEVER, as clarified in the WFTDA Star Pass Q&A the jammer-turned-blocker would always have been the one to receive the penalty - the pivot-turned-jammer may have been the one to initiate the pass, but a jammer passing the star to a blocker is not a star pass. Therefore the blocker receiving the star gets the penalty for an 'illegal recovery'.

Because the green jammer-turned-blocker has competed her pass, even though she is once again in reception of her helmet cover, she CANNOT become the jammer again. So she served her penalty as a blocker. The pivot-turned-jammer cannot hand back jammer status, and thus is considered an inactive jammer - she can leave the pack and do anything a jammer can, but cannot score points as she doesn't have the cover on her helmet.

The jammer-turned-blocker served her penalty into the next jam. The green team, assuming that it was their *jammer* in the box, fielded 4 blockers. At the jam start the green team had a blocker sent off track to return to her bench as technically they had 5 blockers now. And finally, when the jammer-turned-blocker returned to the track, she was instructed to remove her helmet cover as she was not the jammer. The verbal cue for this is "Colour, number, remove your cover".

Hopefully that makes sense to everyone. I've tried to make it as clear as I can for people! Please ask if it isn't!

And finally:
When's the best time to do a star pass?
I am a referee - all I will tell you is the best time to do a star pass is when you can do it legally! :zebra: :zebra:

Finally, PLEASE PLEASE ask any more star pass questions you have. I want us all to be SUPER experts at them!
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