Rule of the Week - POINTS!

Rules of Derby (according to WFTDA) ask our all-knowing officials whatever you like.
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Rule of the Week - POINTS!

Post by Mags Payne » Sun May 24, 2015 1:47 pm


Everyone loves points. Points make prizes. Or something like that.
7.2.1 - Points are earned when the Jammer passes each opponent, including those who have been knocked to the floor, are out of play, or are considered to be in the Penalty Box. Illegal passes that do not warrant a penalty also earn points for Jammers, except where specified in Sections 5.11.5–5.11.8 - No Pass/No Penalty.
Remember, a pass means passing the HIPS. Doesn't matter if her feet didn't pass you fully, if her hips did, she's passed you. - The Jammer earns a Not-On-the-Track (NOTT) point for each opponent who is not on the track immediately upon scoring the first point on any opposing Blocker in each scoring pass, including those opposing Blockers who are still physically on the track but have been directed to the Penalty Box. If the jam ends before the Jammer scores, said additional points will not be awarded.
This one everyone should know - if someone is in the bin, the moment you get a point for an on-track blocker, you pick up the point for the blocker in the bin.
. The following are examples of points the Jammer will earn in this manner: - Opponents in the Penalty Box.
This includes the jammer! - Opponents who have been assessed a penalty sent to the Penalty Box (even if they are still on the track).
Ok, now this might seem like these points contradict - right? You get a NOTT point for skaters once you pass a skater who has been sent to the box if they're still on track...including points for those who have been sent to the box but are still on track. WHAT.

This does actually make sense and is consistent but it takes a bit of thinking!

Ok, so:

They can be scored as a NOTT point (even if still on track) providing the jammer has passed another opposing skater.


They can be the first point if passed on track (even if sent off), if a first point has not yet been awarded.

Here's a couple of scenarios to make this clearer:

Green jammer approaches the pack and passes black blocker who is sent off but has not left the track yet. Jam ends (2 minute mark reached). Green jammer will get the point for the black blocker plus the two black skaters who are in the bin - 3 points total.

Green jammer approches the pack and passes normal black blocker. Jam ends (2 minute mark reached). Green jammer gets point for normal pass of black blocker, plus the two black skaters who are in the bin, PLUS the skater at the front of the pack who had been sent off but had not left the track yet - 4 points total.

Hopefully that makes sense. - Opponents who failed to be on the track when the jam-starting whistle blew. - Opponents who removed themselves from play. - Opponents who have removed themselves from the track will be scored upon as though they were on the track (but out of bounds) until it has been determined they have removed themselves from play (until they return to play, if they are allowed
So if you only field 3 blockers, the opposing team is going to get a point for them every time they score.

If you get injured and choose to remove yourself from play (this doesn't include injuries that mean the jam is called) - your point will be awarded as a NOTT point for the rest of the jam.

If you notice your kneepad has come undone and you take yourself off track, the jammer will score on you every time they pass you. HOWEVER, if it becomes apparent that your knee pad cannot be fixed and you remove yourself to the team bench, you become a NOTT point. - Opponents who have returned from the Penalty Box behind the Jammer.
So if the jammer hasn't passed any on track skaters, and you return on track from the penalty box BEHIND the jammer and then she passes someone, she still gets your point. HOWEVER: - Standard scoring rules and requirements apply to opponents returning from the Penalty Box who skate ahead of the Jammer before the Jammer is able to earn their first point in that scoring pass.
So if you return behind the jammer and she hasn't managed to score on anyone, but you get AHEAD of her before she's scored on anyone, you then count as a normal point (ie, she has to pass your hips to get your point). - Points for opponents who have not yet been scored upon in an incomplete scoring pass by a penalized Jammer, who themselves are penalized while the Jammer is serving penalty time, will be awarded to the penalized Jammer upon the Jammer’s legal in-bounds re-entry onto the track in the same jam, or upon passing any opposing Blocker (if their re-entry was illegal). If the jam ends before this occurs, points for those opponents will not be awarded. The Jammer may still earn those points by legally passing those opponents in the same jam.
You're all suddenly developing a new respect for jammer refs, aren't you?

So...jammer scores on 2 opponents then gets sent to the bin (bad jammer, no cookie). One of those opponents ALSO gets a penalty while the jammer is in the bin. When the jammer either LEGALLY re-enters (even if they're miles from the pack) or they pass someone (if they have an illegal re-entry, for example), they get the point for the person who is in the bin. NOTE: This doesn't mean the jammer can behave in a reckless or negligent manner - remember your gross misconducts. If you, desperate to score that last point, wilfully slam straight into the back of an opposing blocker while returning to the track, you score no points at all ever for the rest of the game thank you for playing please visit the locker room.

This is one that seems to get missed/confuse people a lot. It's a bit of a weird one and looking back old versions of the rules seems to be a legacy thing - however, it stands. It's the ONLY way for a jammer to do something illegal AND get points.
7.2.2 - Points are announced by hand signal once the Jammer has exited the front of the Engagement Zone
ENGAGEMENT ZONE. Not once you're immediately out of the pack. - Once a scoring pass is complete, a Jammer cannot score points unearned in their previous scoring pass.
Your scoring pass is complete once you exit the engagement zone. You can't then run back and score on people - it's too late!
7.2.3 - Points are earned until the end of the fourth whistle of the jam-ending signal.

7.2.4 - If the jam ends when the Jammer is still in the pack, the points for any passed opponents will be announced immediately. - The Jammer will also be awarded points for opposing Blockers on the track who have advanced ahead of the Engagement Zone and have not yet returned, if said Blockers were not previously scored upon during that scoring pass.
This means 2 things - if you stop skating when you hear the first whistle, you're probably giving away your points to a savvy jammer. Also, if you run ahead of the jammer on the first whistle, but go out of play, they get your point too. Tricky!

7.2.5 - Out of Play Points: Upon completion of a scoring pass (see Section 7.1.5), a Jammer will score a point for every Blocker who has advanced ahead of the Engagement Zone and not yet returned. - Only Blockers who have not yet been scored upon in that pass can be scored upon in this manner. - If a Blocker has been scored upon in this manner, they may not be scored upon again by being passed until they have returned to the Engagement Zone.
Learn where 20ft is. Don't rely on hearing the 'Out of Play' warning - cause once that warning is given, if the jammer is already out of the engagement zone, they get your point...(unless they've already scored on you).
7.2.6 - Once a Jammer earns a point, that point can never be taken away. - Points awarded in error are points that have not been legally earned by a Jammer and have been awarded to their team incorrectly and/or erroneously by an Official or as the result of a technology malfunction. As these points have not been earned, they can be revoked after they have been awarded.
Before you get excited - you have to LEGALLY EARN the point for it to never be taken away! - Points denied in error are points that were legally earned by a Jammer, but have not been awarded to their team; for example, due to officiating error or technology malfunction. As these points have been legitimately earned, they may be bestowed after they normally would have.
This scenario (and the one above) are normally things where an official review will be involved. - If a point is awarded or denied in error, this error must be corrected prior to the conclusion of the following jam. - If an error persists past the conclusion of the following jam, it will stand as part of the Official Score. Any changes made to the visible score during the following jam may be reviewed (per Section 1.11 - Official Reviews) after that jam concludes, as the score change was made during that jam, even if the original incident occurred earlier. - If less than two minutes remain on the Official Period Clock during the second period, points awarded or denied in error must be corrected prior to the start, rather than the conclusion, of the following jam. Officials may take Official Timeouts as necessary to ensure that the score is correct prior to the start of such a jam.
This is all quite straightforward (hopefully)
7.2.7 - Jammers cannot score points while in the Penalty Box. - When the Jammer finishes serving a penalty, the Jammer continues their scoring pass exactly where the Jammer left off. For example: If the Jammer has scored on opposing Blockers A and B when sent to the Penalty Box, the Jammer retains those points. When the penalty finishes in the same jam, the Jammer remains on the same scoring pass and can only score on opposing Blockers C and D. (See Section 2.4 - Lead Jammer for Lead Jammer details.) - A Jammer exiting the Penalty Box will still be on the same pass the Jammer was on when the Jammer was penalized, even if all points for a pass have been awarded. The Jammer will immediately earn points for passing Blockers who are outside of the Engagement Zone, behind the Jammer, upon re-entry (see Section
This is one a lot of people don't seem to know - you are on the SAME pass when you come back out the bin - any points you've already scored, you keep (jammer refs have to remember not only how many people you've passed but *who* you've passed. How much brain power is that?!). - When the Jammer’s penalty spans into the next jam, the Jammer starts all of their passes over. The Jammer’s points are announced at the end of the one jam and in the next jam the Jammer begins their initial pass at the jam-starting whistle.
So you've passed 2 blockers. Jam ends. You are awarded 2 points. You start the next jam on ZERO passes, have to redo your initial and you are once again eligible to gain lead jammer :)
7.2.8 - Jammer Lap Point: If one Jammer completely laps the opposing Jammer, while both Jammers are on the track, the lapping Jammer will score one point. - The scoring Jammer does not need to be on a scoring pass to score a Jammer lap point, nor does the Lap Point. - The scoring Jammer does not need to be “ahead” in terms of the number of scoring passes completed to score a Jammer Lap Point. - NOTT Points and Jammer Lap Points are mutually exclusive per pass: Once a Jammer has scored a Jammer Lap Point on the opposing Jammer, the scoring Jammer cannot score a NOTT Point on the opposing Jammer until their following pass. Conversely, if a Jammer has scored a NOTT Point on the opposing Jammer, the scoring Jammer cannot also score a Jammer Lap Point until they have once again completely lapped the opposing Jammer while both Jammers are on the track.
We talked about jammer lap points and how they can be scored on the initial pass last week. Also, you only get ONE point for the jammer - a JLP or a NOTT point. You can't get both.

How cool are the scoring rules?


Jammer Lap Point Q&A:
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Re: Rule of the Week - POINTS!

Post by Tartan_Tearaway » Mon May 25, 2015 11:17 am

This is lovely.
I love points! :refbanana:
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