A wheely difficult decision

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A wheely difficult decision

Post by Gory Gilmore » Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:44 pm

I'm planning on upgrading my wheels in the next couple of weeks to celebrate the first paycheck of my new job/no longer being a SKS noob/because why the hell not?

I'm a bit overwhelmed by the options. I've currently got the basic (ie. God awful) Cayman wheels that come with the R3s, and while I like the speed, I feel like they don't give me enough grip when I do crossovers on a harder floor, so I've fallen on my side a few times... :oops: So my dilemma is, should I go slightly softer? Same duro as the Caymans (95A, I believe)? A mix? It's proving to be a difficult choice when JK and Holyrood are so different, but unfortunately I am rather poor so I can't afford to have two completely different sets of wheels. Anyway, all I know is I'd prefer something 38mm wide and with aluminium hubs. Contenders so far are Zombie mids and Radar Zodiacs.

If anyone has anything I could borrow that might suit my preferences, let me know!
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