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ARRG Grievance Policy

Post by ZILLAH » Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:02 pm

Auld Reekie Roller Girls Grievance Procedure
Process to follow when issues, problems and grievances arise

It is the policy of the Auld Reekie Roller Girls, that all members (skaters, officials, coaches, refs, committee members, and including spectators, sponsors and any and all associated persons) have the right to be treated fairly and equally at all times, as outlined in the Auld Reekie Roller Girls Code of Conduct.

These procedures have been written with the intent that all members of the Auld Reekie Roller Girls can resolve any issues quickly and fairly, by following the steps outlined below.

In any organised group, members may from time to time experience personal problems or issues with another member of the Auld Reekie Roller Girls or with the structure and/or decision making process. The procedures below are intended to provide a mechanism to be followed to ensure the problem does not escalate any further. Each issue or complaint will be dealt with independently and once an agreed resolution has been reached, it will not be referred to again unless deemed necessary by extreme circumstance or several complaints of the same nature.

STEP 1 - Take a Step Back
Firstly, take a step back and consider the situation rationally; is this something that can be sorted out by talking to a committee member, friend, or to the other person involved? Try and give yourself a few days to think things through and have some distance from the problem, it might help to do something else you enjoy that isn't related to the league.

STEP 2 - ARRGvocates Informal Assistance
Where you feel you need more structured support and help from the ARRGvocates, you should contact one of the members (details below) directly and outline the exact nature of the problem.

Two or more members of the ARRGvos will consider the problem and advise whether steps have already been taken to address and resolve it (where more than one complaint of the same nature may have been made). Should you wish to proceed: Details of the issue will be given to the person (or persons) involved by the ARRGvos and where required, an informal mediated meeting will be set up outside of practice times, to discuss a resolution. Each person will be invited to bring along a friend or member of ARRG for support during the meeting.

Minimal details of the issue will be recorded along with the date of complaint, meeting and persons involved. These details will be held on a database by one member of the ARRGvos and will be kept as confidential records. No details of the meetings/issues at this stage will be communicated out to the wider ARRG community.
Only if this step doesn't resolve the issue or if the ARRGvos decide by majority that it is severe enough, will you proceed to the next step:

STEP 3 - Formal Grievance Procedure
This is the route of formal complaint, so you must provide the ARRGvos with a written account of the exact nature of your complaint, providing as much detail and evidence as possible.

A formal grievance meeting will be set up with the complainant, and any other persons directly involved with the complaint. Two or more of the ARRGvos will be present at the meeting, and each party will also have the opportunity to bring someone along for support where required.

Prior to the meeting, a written account of the complaint will be provided to all parties invited to the meeting. Following the meeting, the ARRGvos will provide a formal written response, detailing any agreed resolutions.

Minutes from the meeting detailing dates, attendees, the complaint and agreed resolution will be held on a confidential database by the lead ARRGvo.

Details and agreed resolution can be circulated to members of ARRG at the request of both parties.

If resolution is not agreed and accepted by all parties, the ARRGvos need to be informed in writing with any additional evidence to highlight reasons.

The issue will then be submitted for independent arbitration.

STEP 4 - Final Resolution

As outlined in Step 3, should any party not be content with suggestions for resolution of the problem, an independent arbitrator will be contacted.

The independent arbitrator has no association or involvement in the running or membership of ARRG.

A final arbitration meeting will be held to air the problem formally with the independent arbitrator, and all parties from the meeting at Step 3 will be in attendance.

The decision of the independent arbitrator will be final and will be recorded as above in Step 3.

Strictly confidential email:

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Re: ARRG Grievance Policy

Post by Tartan_Tearaway » Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:25 pm

Hello lovely ARRGies! Just wanted to draw your attention to this, as I know there are a lot of new skaters who might not be aware of this.

The Grievance committee exists to provide skaters with a safe and confidential forum where they can discuss their problems or concerns regarding ARRG matters.

Please refer to the policy above, and dont be shy to get in touch should you have any problems you want to bring to our attention!

ARRG is a safe space, where everyone is included and equal. Lets keep it that way x

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