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Before You Get Started

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Before you strap on a pair of skates and get stuck in, you need to be aware of a few things.

Cautions and paperwork
First of all, roller derby is a full contact sport. It is played on skates, at speed. Injuries can occur, ranging from a bruised bum to broken bones. You must be aware that when you get on track, you may get injured. We will try to teach you how to minimise the risk, and we aim to have first aid present at all practices and games, but the risk of injury remains.

Before participating, you are required to sign a waiver relieving ARRG of any responsibility for any such injuries. You will find this waiver included in this welcome pack. Please complete it and hand it in before you get on track. This will also provide us with your contact information. We share the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of everyone involved with ARRG amongst members, so if you would rather your number or e-mail are not shared, please let us know.

You will also need to complete a medical form, which you will find enclosed as well. In case of an emergency, this will provide us with an emergency contact and their details. At the bottom you will also be asked to provide medical details such as previous injuries, regular medication or allergies. This information is to make the first aiders aware and would be passed to healthcare professionals should you get injured. You are not obliged to complete this part of the waiver if you prefer not to. If you are uncomfortable, please state you would rather not say. The information you do provide will be kept by our first aid team, and will not be shared with anyone else.

Equipment and clothing
Getting all your equipment together is not cheap. To be allowed to skate, you must be wearing:
- Skates
- A helmet
- Elbow pads
- Knee pads
- Wrist guards
- Mouth Guard

Your clothing should be comfortable when skating. A pair of jeans may not be ideal to skate in. Think about the fact you will be sweating, and falling over both intentionally and unintentionally and what kind of clothes would be most comfortable for you - we recommend sports clothing.

We encourage taking jewellery off before getting on track to prevent it catching on something or someone and injuring yourself. If you wear a ring, bear in mind that should you injure your arm, wrist or hand, your fingers are likely to swell. If that happens, the first aider will cut off your ring to save your finger.

Your first practice - Fresh Meat Sunday
So, you've got all your gear, signed up for the waiting list, been given a date to come along to Fresh Meat and you're good to go! The New Skater committee will have told you when to show up where and who you should ask for. A coach or coaches will take you through the basics, answer your questions and introduce you around. Coming along for the first time can be a bit intimidating, but bear in mind everyone there will be brand new too. And remember - we have ALL been there!

One of the most important things to learn is how to fall safely, so be aware you will spend a lot of time during your first practices falling to your knees. Wearing decent knee pads makes this a whole lot easier. Also remember to bring a bottle of water to practice. You will need it.

Should you find that skating with the Auld Reekie Roller Girls is the most fun you have ever had, and knocking people off their skates is your sort of thing, you may want to get a bit more involved.

ARRG is entirely run by the members (both skaters and non-skating members). Everything that happens, is done by members. We have a board, made of 5 ARRG members, and we have committees, each one with a committee head (known as the spokesperson) and the spokespeople meet once a month.

If you want to skate competitively, you have to join a committee and take an active role in the running of the league.
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