ARRG Practices Behaviour Agreement

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ARRG Practices Behaviour Agreement

Post by Alma Geddon » Thu May 19, 2011 7:52 pm

ARRG Practices Behaviour Agreement Version 1 April 23rd 2011
AIM: ARRG training sessions aim to provide a safe, supportive, fun and focused environment for all skaters1 to practice and improve their roller derby skills. Any behaviour that interferes with this objective shall be considered inappropriate.
REMIT: The following behaviour agreement is what all skaters2 by default agree to when they attend any ARRG organised and/or financed training session. This agreement acts in tandem with all other ARRG policies and procedures. Cf. ARRG Constitution, ARRG Code of Conduct and ARRG Grievance Procedure.
TRANSGRESSIONS: When a skater or group of skaters3 does not act in accordance with the following agreement ARRG coaches shall issue the following reprimands:
a)First offense: 10 reps of coach’s choice of exercise [e.g. push-ups, sit ups, squats]
b)Second offense: 20 reps of the same
c)Third offense: Expulsion. The offending skater[s] must remove their skates and leave the training facility for the duration of the ARRG training session.
For major breaches of this agreement and/or the ARRG Code of Conduct coaches may refer incidents to the Grievance Committee.
1.Respect ARRG
1.1.Act in accordance with ARRG policy and procedure, and this agreement, for the duration of ARRG training sessions.
1.2.Arrive to training sessions promptly.
1.3.Kit up and be ready on track promptly.

2.Respect Fellow Skaters
2.1.Listen to coaches.
2.2.Follow coaches’ instructions promptly.
2.3.Discussion is only permissible at the coaches’ discretion.
2.4.Raise your hand if you wish to contribute to a discussion.
2.5.All skaters must have their name clearly displayed on their helmet.

3.Work Hard
3.1.Sit out of drills and exercises only if safety requires.
3.2.Concentrate on the drill in hand, rather than chatting.
3.3.Remain active for the duration of ARRG training sessions, rather than sitting or lying down.

4.Health and Safety
4.1.Inform the designated Sports and Training Committee Representative if you are recovering from injury.
4.2. Skate only if it is safe to do so.
4.3. Coaches may remove a skater[s] from a drill if they deem their participation to be unsafe.
4.4.If injured, remove yourself to the designated first aid area.
4.5.Under 18s only permitted in the designated area.

5.Sportswomanly Conduct at all Times
5.1.Use only non-offensive language.
5.2.Give only feedback and criticism that is constructive and helpful.
5.3.Encourage all skaters to achieve their potential.
5.4.Only Referees may shout fouls, skaters are not permitted to shout fouls at each other.
5.5.Bout-appropriate behaviour at all times during ‘Bout Night’.

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