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ARRD Committee Information

Post by Gory Gilmore » Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:39 pm

All Auld Reekie activity is run by several committees, overseen by spokespeople and Board of Directors (each Board member acts as liaison for at least one committee).

The Board is...

Gory (co-chair / strategy lead) - liaison for GMC and comms
Carla (co-chair / strategy lead)- liaison for leadership, merch and sec
Hot Lava (treasurer) - liaison for finance
Jax (secretary) - liaison for TaP and WFTDA/UKRDA
Panda (communications lead) - liaison for officials and fundraising

The committees are...


Organises all training and development related activities.
Spokesies: Erikapocalypse and Kilja


Deals with things like membership, attendance, insurance etc.
Spokesey: Stellar Fearformance


Does what it says on the tin. Handles membership dues, purchases, accounts etc.
Spokesey: vacant


Responsible for officials recruitment, retention and training.
Spokesies: Medusa Harm and Murphy (break)


Organises all the lovely merch that we sell at games.
Spokesey: Kiki


In charge of all game day activities e.g. venue booking, logistics on the day, recruiting volunteers etc.
Spokesies: Eyja and Maul


Internal and external communications for the league e.g. social media, graphic design, organising photographers, press releases.
Spokesies: Life Saber and Dante Gabriel Rolletti


Responsible for bringing in most money unrelated to game day income, dues and merch e.g. grants, sponsorship deals, fundraising events.
Spokesey: vacant
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