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Tips for Using the Forum

Post by Bobscene Behaviour » Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:24 pm

Welcome to the forum! At first glance it can seem huge and complicated, but fear not! When you get the hang of it, it’s a very useful tool :punk3:

Most of your questions will be answered by clicking the big FAQ button at the top!

This thread is just for helpful hints people have discovered to make it a bit easier..

The main complaint we hear is that it can be difficult to see new posts/new threads as there are so many on the forum. The best thing to do is to spend some time reading everything you want to read (not everything will be of interest to you!) then use the “mark forum as read” link at the bottom right hand side. All the wee skulls will now be green on a black background.. and whenever a new post/thread appears, the skull will be black on a green background.. making it easy very easy to see. If you read this new post, the skull will automatically become green again.
You can also click the “new posts” link at the top right, to see a display of all the newest posts.

If there is a specific thread you are waiting for someone to reply too, or just use a lot you can “bookmark” or “subscribe” to it by clicking the appropriate link at the top left hand side. Then, when you visit your “Settings” (one of the buttons right at the top) you can see the threads you have bookmarked/subscribed. This is also where you can fill in your profile and create a signature to attach at the bottom of your posts.

Oh, and the “Messages” section is great, as you can send wee secret messages to your favourite ARRG lady :)

And smilies rock :scots: :lol: :badbanana:

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