Gigglebug - cartoon starring ME!

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Gigglebug - cartoon starring ME!

Post by Lady Scrapnell » Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:06 pm

The cartoon I narrate, Gigglebug, is now airing in the UK on Milkshake's You Tube channel. If it gets enough interest, they may put it on Channel 5, which would be nice!

You may know children who might enjoy said cartoon, so if you could stick them infront of a device to watch it, I'd be delighted! And if you'd encourage them to send in fan mail to channel 5 I'd be even more delighted! Or why not just sit and watch them all yourself and have a laugh at Scraps doing a lot of silly voices?!

You can watch the first 5 eps (more to come) on: ... KfUNuV4phA (please click the like button on it!)

and here's how to do fan mail:
Birthday cards are super! (first just image-google milkshake birthday card and you get the idea. It’s a collage work that you physically create and mail.)

Other fan art instructions ... e-gallery-

Thanks pals x
Lady Scrapnell (Scraps)
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