ARRG Code of Conduct

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ARRG Code of Conduct

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The purpose of this document is to set out the standards of behaviour expected of Auld Reekie Roller Girls (ARRG) members (including, but not limited to: skaters, coaches, referees, non-skating officials, volunteers, spectators and all associated persons) in all times and places in which they represent ARRG (including, but not limited to: practices, closed bouts, open bouts, exhibition bouts, boot camps, tournaments, any and all interaction with other leagues, and ARRG social events including fundraisers and after-parties). This document also details the procedure by which transgressions of these standards of behaviour will be sanctioned.
A note on language usage: For brevity and legibility 'skaters' shall be taken to mean all skaters rostered and non-rostered in the ARRG league, all referees, non skating officials and volunteers, coaches and support staff, spectators and indeed all persons involved with the ARRG league, for the duration of their involvement.

First a few simple rules to live by:

1. NO bitching, NO bullying, NO bullshit and NO backstabbing in ARRG.
2. It's nice to be nice!

3. What happens on track stays on track. If someone hits you hard, or takes you down hard, or fouls on you, in practice or in a bout situation, or is insubordinate to you as a referee or other official, do not take it personally, and certainly do not dwell on it once your skates are off.

4. What happens off track stays off track. Do not bring interpersonal dislikes or grudges to practice or to bouts. It is perfectly natural to disagree with others or to not get on with everyone all the time, but this does not mean that you can't skate alongside or against each other in a totally respectful, awesome and thoroughly sportswomanly like way.

5. Sportwomanly behaviour at all times: No insubordination to referees. Aim to skate a clean and safe game at all times, respect the decisions of referees and other bout officials as final.

6. Be good losers AND good winners. We all know it's the taking part that counts, so this means no strops when we lose, and no arrogant behaviour when we win. Treat other derby leagues as you would like to be treated!

Now some more serious stuff:

7. Whistle-blowing procedures. If you witness or hear off any unacceptable behaviour within ARRG as a league and an organisation then are procedures in place whereby you can anonymously whistleblow on the individual(s) involved. For more information please see the related Grievance Procedure document or speak to ARRGvocates.

8. Grievances procedures. ARRG aims to deal with any and all grievances of its members fairly and efficiently. Team Captains and Vice Captains should be approached with all issues to do with team rosters and skating, whilst more personal issues can be raised in confidence with ARRGvocates.

And some high minded principles:

9. Members should be honest and trustworthy, do not deceive, cheat or steal.

10. Members should act with dignity, discretion and integrity.

11. All members are valued and treated equally, as individuals, regardless of ability, gender, age, ethnicity, creed, nationality, sexuality or any other discriminatory factor. The only thing that matters to ARRG is that you want to be involved with Roller Derby. As such members must treat all other members with equal respect regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, creed, ability or any other discriminatory criteria.

12. Members have a responsibility to respect themselves and other members. Members must respect other members, spectators, sponsors, referees, officials and auxiliary staff and volunteers at all times. Everyone should consider each others feelings and be tolerant and respectful of difference.

13. Mmebers should not bring ARRG's good name into disrepute. Try to work to build a good reputation for yourself and your team in the roller derby community and beyond.

14. Members should demonstrate reliability and exhibit supportive behaviour and a positive attitude towards each other and roller derby in general.

15. In the spirit of fairness all members must: Adhere to all ARRG laws, rules, policies, procedures and guidelines; Be open-mined and demonstrate the ability to listen respectfully to others; Share equitably and take turns for a particular situation as appropriate; and never take advantage of others.

16. In the spirit of caring all members should: Provide assistance to others in need when appropriate and demonstrate empathy and understanding of others needs.

17. In the spirit of citizenship all members should: Respect authority and demonstrate cooperation and properly care for all equipment, uniforms and facilities.

18. Members must:

(a) Accept accountability for all their behavior and its outcomes;
(b) Honor their obligations and promises;
(c) Be willing to be fair with others in dealings on and off the track;
(d) Take pride in themselves and their accomplishments, but never at the expense of demeaning another person or group;
(e) Respect the efforts of others;
(f) Play by the spirit, not just the letter, of the rules of the game.
(g) Encourage good sportswomanship by demonstrating positive support for all skaters, coaches, and officials at every bout, practice, or other roller derby event;

19. Coaches, referees and other officials should:

(a) Uphold the honor and dignity of the profession;
(b) Set an example of the highest ethical and moral conduct in all personal contact with skaters, other officials, spectators and the public;
(e) Master the contest rules and teach them to his or her team members;
(f) Not seek an advantage by circumvention of the spirit or letter of the rules;
(h) Respect and support the decisions of other officials;
(i) Meet and exchange cordial greetings with the opposing officials to set the correct tone for the event before and after bouts or similar events.

Some practical pointers:

20. Members should maintain good communication and relations with other leagues.

21. Members must pay membership dues.

22. Members should work to promote ARRG as a league and Roller Derby as a sport.

23. Members must follow WFTDA and ARRG safety guidelines.

24. Members may not scrimmage unless they have passed the WFTDA minimum requirements.

25. Members must always wear full, correct and functional protective equipment, and should maintain their skates and other gear regularly.

26. Respect and treat with care ARRG property and equipment and that of our practice and bout facilities.

27. Never skate under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

And finally, enforcement of the ARRG Code of Conduct:

28. Responsibility for the enforcement of this Code of Conduct resides with the elected members of the ARRG committee.

29. The committee shall take whatever measures necessary to enforce this Code of Conduct, up to and including any of the following actions:

(a) Informal discussion with and/or issuing of a informal warning to the member(s) concerned.
(b) Formal discussion with and/or issuing of a formal warning to the member(s) concerned.
(c) Dismissal/Expulsion/Exclusion of a skater/referee/coach/official/volunteer/spectator from ARRG membership, events and activities due to their failure to comply with this Code of Conduct.

Examples of gross misconduct resulting in immediate expulsion from ARRG league and activities:

- Violence and aggression (outside that expected and accepted in the usual course of Roller Derby) e.g. assault, sexual assault, severe verbal harassment or intimidation.

- Bullying and victimisation, whether physical or psychological.

- The expression of prejudice or enactment of discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion or any other factor.

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