Access Information

Our current home game venue is Dalkeith Community Campus. If you or someone you know has access requirements we will do everything we can to help. Please take a look at our access guide of Dalkeith Community Campus which we hope will help you to plan your visit to one of our games.

Tickets for all our events are sold through Universe.

Check our games page for full details and ticket links to our games.

Have a Stall at our Games

We love the variety of vendors we get at our games, and particularly welcome enquiries from independent, creative businesses. Please send enquiries to:

Safer spaces for events


As per our Equality Policy (2016), Auld Reekie Roller Derby promotes equality and inclusion in roller derby, strives to create accessible and inclusive spaces for marginalised people, and is committed to creating an environment in which every person attending an Auld Reekie event or interacting with us feels safe, welcome, and free from discrimination or harassment.

As part of our commitment to create a safer space for all those attending we will not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, racism, body shaming or LGBTQIA+phobia.

Guidelines for those attending our events or using our online spaces:

  • Be responsible for your own actions. Remember that your actions have an effect on others regardless of your intentions.
  • Don’t assume people’s ethnicity, culture, sexuality, gender or class. We suggest using the pronoun “they” as a default unless told otherwise, and we encourage asking people about their pronouns.
  • Give space to others: different people need different amounts of personal space so be generous.
  • If something doesn’t feel right, please speak up in that moment if you feel safe to do so. If you don’t feel safe doing so, please let an organiser or volunteer know as soon as you feel comfortable doing so, or ask a person you trust to do so on your behalf.
  • If you see something that does not respect these safer spaces guidelines, please speak to an organiser or volunteer as soon as possible and they will take the issue forward.

Anyone who does not respect these guidelines, both in our online spaces and at our events, may be refused admission or asked to leave an event without a refund.