‘Reserves have Nerves’ (of steel) as they face off against the A Teams of UK roller derby, in the British Championships Tournament.  Entering the tournament in 2017 at Tier 3, the Reserves fought hard to qualify for Tier 2 in 2018, and will take their unrivalled enthusiasm for long bus journeys and sing along 90’s tunes all around the ‘North’ of the UK this season to compete against the best.

The Reserves value small animals; the floofier the better, having fun, playing as a team and epic post-game sugar fuelled dancing.

ASR =  Awesome Skaters Rolling!

All Star Reserves Roster

006 PowerHouse
007 Fury Eyes Only
125 Hardy
206 Bone Collector
24 Teapot Rebellion
269 Tenacious C
28 Eyjafjalla Fearless
29 Booga
34 DeeDee
360 Kami-Tazzy
40 Lindsey Watson
42 Finding Nimmo
501 Maxx Attaxx
51 Purely Belt-her
612 Crash Kale-ision Course
71 Hex
73 Professor McGonnamaul
90 Parks and Wreck
91 Track Adder

Bench Crew: McPain, BA & Miss Collie-Check
Co-captains: Maxx & Tenacious C