R3 Skates & Wheels (tuners) & toe stops for sale!

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R3 Skates & Wheels (tuners) & toe stops for sale!

Post by Maulibu Barbie » Thu Jan 10, 2013 12:59 pm


I've recently upgraded to some wonderful Riedell 265s, so I now have *spare skates* to sell which I am sure a fresh-meater could skate on for a good while yet. Wares up for grabs:

- Riedell R3 skates UK 6 - £50. I have skated on these for just over 2 years (minus time off for injuries, ha!) and they still have plenty of life left in them. They are a little scuffed and have red hockey tape over the toes. Provided with wheels and bearings and toe stops.

- Radar Tuner wheels 93a
(blue). £50 for 8 (retail for £68.70) These ones basically; http://www.skatesrus.co.uk/radar-tuner- ... 19369.html. They are brand new as they came with the skates I just bought, but I wanted different wheels so replaced em.

- Riedell PD round toe stops - £5. These ones: http://www.skates.com/Riedell-PD-Round- ... 102060.htm. Brand new.

Hollah at me if you want to try them on so I can bring em along to practice.
Maulibu xx
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