All Stars Bench and LUM - job description

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All Stars Bench and LUM - job description

Post by Princess Die » Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:47 pm

Leadership group(s)
Captains, along with the Bench Coach and Line Up Manager shall comprise the leadership group for each ARRG team.

Together, the leadership group inspire, lead and facilitate the development of the team they lead helping them to achieve the goals they have set out.

They should ensure that they are available for all games scheduled for the duration of their term.

Duties of the Leadership Group:
The leadership teams are responsible for bringing the team together and ensuring that the team is focused in order to reach their goals. As a group, the leadership team will;
- be committed to the improvement and development of the team.
- facilitate development of the team and empower skaters to manage their own development, on skates, off skates and mentally as players.
- create a positive and forward-looking team environment, through training, meetings and bonding.
- continually assess player strengths and weaknesses, pack dynamics and jammer options
- create a pro-active, strategically based lineup system
- work with coaches to suggest future training focuses, which includes sharing stats and footage.
- review footage of opponents to aid opponents research and bout preparedness
- delegate organisational roles and decisions to the team (eg: fundraising, travel logistics, reviewing team footage, skate outs etc)
- manage key communications to the team (including bout day timings, game dates, votes, etc)
- administer any other additional team requirements such as headshots, uniforms and patches
- keep track of skater absences
- keep possession of the bout day panties, bout bibs and ‘oh shit’ kit.
- Sit on selection for quarterly AS rosters
- Manage selection for game day rosters, as per the selection policy.
- 2 representative, (ideally Captain and Bench) will attend the captains meeting on game day.
- responsible for coaching team only hours

Role of the Bench and LUM

These roles form a key part of the leadership team, along with Captains.
If a skating member of ARRG: may be required to give up some of their practice time to attend team focussed practices or observe scrimmage practices in the run up to a game/selection

Specific Bench and LUM duties:

- Ensure line ups are managed, organised and follow the pre agreed format
- Work with the team regularly to get to know skaters, positions and team dynamics
- Manage the bench area for each game
- Help deliver the game day plan and approach put together by leadership, from the bench point of view.
- Bench Manager will call timeouts on game day
- Bench Manager will aim to develop clear bench signals that has been agreed with the team.
- Must be part of the ARRG Bench group

Additional duties specific to the All Star Bench and LUM:

- Provide training support to the ARRG bench group

Characteristics of the Bench and LUM:
The Bench and LUM should set an example to the team in all they do, from attendance and effort at training, to attitude and sportswomanship. They should;
- have excellent rules knowledge
- have good on the spot decision making skills
- good at building relationships with the team
- analytical and strategic brain, able to spot patterns in gameplay.
- have good organisational skills and long term planning
- have the ability to remain calm, confident and authoritative

Voting and Terms

All Stars:
The All Stars' leadership group will be voted in on an annual basis, prior to the AGM. The Leadership term will run from ARRG year to ARRG year. Voting will be facilitated by the Board of Directors.
Nominations for Captain are open to any skater on the All Star charter .
Nominations for Bench Coach and Line Up Manager are open to any member, if this position is advertised externally that person then must become a member.
Those on the current All Star charter at the time of the vote will be eligible to vote.
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