Would this really be for me?

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Yuki onna
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Would this really be for me?

Post by Yuki onna » Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:15 pm

So where do I begin... so I was reading the guardian magazine that comes with the news paper and I saw the section about the weekender (if you have never read the magazine, which myself I don't always fully read, I am guessing is about a person who writes in about what interesting hobby they have on at the weekend). The weekender in question was a woman who did Roller Derby. I found it quite interesting to read about although there was not much of there to read. I found it quite interesting so I looked up about it and saw Edinburgh had a team and a starter day for people who want to try it out but...

I worry is it really for me? I am quite a shy person to meet at first and don't have much confidence. I felt this sort of thing would build my confidence up but I am not to sure. I would wonder if I just wouldn't fit in being as shy and nerdy as I am. I am also worrying about investing in doing such a thing to not really like it or to not fit in as skates and equipment is costly. Also at the moment, due to lack of any exercise (my fault), I am very week so would need to improve upon that which could happen if I joined in with such a sport.

With my many cons (many many cons) I wonder if I should even try out. So I wonder what would you all think? Is there any point trying or should I save probably a few Birthday/Christmas's worth of gifts from my family before I spend them on something that won't work out well.

Please give responses!

Yuki Onne

Kaos Moss
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Re: Would this really be for me?

Post by Kaos Moss » Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:16 pm

Hey yukki, my name is kaos and I've been skating for about a year now. I , like yourself, would consider myself pretty shy and not very confident. Well that's before I started derby. I got into it ad I neded a new challenge and like you I wondered at the start if it was for me and if I could do it. There was a time before my second practice that I so nearly turned around and walked out .... And I am glad to say that I didn't and here I am 1 year and 4 bouts later! I hadnt done any proper excersise since I was at school 10 years ago, fitness is something you build up. Derby has helped me in so many ways , like helping me become more confident, improving my fitness and muscle tone, helped bring me out of my shell and I have also met the most awesome group of ladies I could imagine. Everyone is sooo welcoming and friendly, they make time for you and never make you feel left out. As for knowing if it's for you ... That's something that you won't know until you try it. Be warned it is very hard work and a big comitment but the rewards for me are totally worth it. If your worried about buying the equipment you can get some cheep second hand skates and kit for lots of places including eBay and if you decide you didn't like it you can alwas sell you stuff on. If you don't give it a go you'll never know if your missing out on something you might end up loving and wondering what you did with out it. That's definately how I feel and what happened to me! So I say go for it! I did and I haven't looked back since ! Hope this helps. Kaos x
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Circuit Breaker

Re: Would this really be for me?

Post by Circuit Breaker » Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:13 pm

I may come back for a better reply but right now I'm tired but I feel a strong urge to inform you that perhaps before you buy equipment you could attend one of the MANY non-arrg training sessions just to get a feel for what we get up to and the AMAZING support and encouragement that all our members provide each other with.

I have only started skating since the 1st of May and I swear that even though I don't know everyone here and struggle to remember the real names of all the loverly ladies here - I feel as though I've found a new kind of family (awwww shucks)

But it really is amazing how quickly you can bond with people and how supportive they were even when we were all scary strangers falling over our feet before we put skates on!

If it's the environment you're worried about - no bother everyone here is amazingly supportive and helpful (and if someone wasn't they'd be on their ass in no time!)

If its getting hurt or falling that unnerves you - pick up speed and wipe the other woman out (If you do she'll appreciate you all the more for it - if not then she'll give you some pointers!)

If it's your fitness level - bah it's unimportant as we all started somewhere and the only way to get better and fitter is to dive in and try your best and never give up!

Money - money is an issue however there's plenty of people buying/selling second hand and even swapping wheels/skates.

If you're worried about dishing out cash and not prepared to get the equipment - then you need to seriously consider your financial position because if you give it a shot, enjoy it, and live for derby - this shit will blow your bank account! but yo'd be soo happy you'd not give a poop.

I think I got a decent reply after all :lol:

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Mo B Quick
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Re: Would this really be for me?

Post by Mo B Quick » Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:40 pm

Hi Yuki, well you've heard it all from Kaos and Circuit... neither of them have been skating for huge amounts of time and they are both AMAZING skaters who make us all very proud :cry: (ARRG loves to shed single tears of joy)

Anyway... finding out skills and strenghts is so good for your confidence, and we can promise you that will happen in derby. It's a challenging sport that will sometimes push you to your limits. But whatever physical attributes you have, derby will find a use for them, and help you develop them. When many of our members join, they can't skate at all and aren't super fit. We support everyone from learning to stand up on a pair of skates right through to becoming world class athletes (it still feels funny sometimes calling ourselves athletes!) if that's what they want. Some people just want to play derby for fun without the pressure of competitive skating, and we provide opportunities for that too.

One of the best things about derby for me is the support network that comes with it - you make a whole new group of friends, who become more like family after a while, and who were all terrified when they started too. I feel like, even though I have some incredible, close friends outside of roller derby, there's nothing quite like *derby love*... something about playing a contact sport, being part of a team, the states we see each other in (pouring with sweat, excited, happy, nervous, tearful, exhausted, furious, ready to give the whole thing up...) brings us closer together.

And the league is run by the skaters, so you'd have a say in how we do things. We work really hard outside of actually playing the sport to keep things running smoothly. It's a big commitment, but we just ask people to do as much as they feel they can. That could be baking cakes to raise money for charity, being elected to be on the Board, designing flyers, selling tickets at a bout, helping with finances, the list is pretty much endless...

I think these guys have already said it all beautifully, and I'm just adding to it because I can't resist! But yeah I agree, you'll never know unless you try. Our next intake isn't until early next year, so plenty of time to think. Maybe et hold of some cheap skates/pads (they'll do in the short term, eventually if you like derby, you'll upgrade and make fairly big commitments in terms of time and money!) And yeah, check out other posts in the new skater section of the forum that detail skating opportunities not officially affiliated with ARRG but with some of our lovely, helpful skaters present to give advice and support. Coming along to one of those to watch or have a go at skating and basic skillls could help you to make a decision.

Mo B Quick x
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Yuki onna
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Re: Would this really be for me?

Post by Yuki onna » Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:38 pm

I thank you all for the information but I am a silly girl indeed. I didn't check for the one rule that lets me in (apart from gender =P)... my age. I am to be 17 this year which means I can't join til two years :cry: :x . I feel mad at myself for not even looking it up til the next day as when I read your replies today it really mad me excited and wanting to go next year but sadly that can't be the case. I suppose I can learn the basics of skating while I wait to be able to join. I will probably still come on the forum before then to see good deals on kit and to see how ARRG are doing.

Thanks again and hopefully I can join you all in 2013! :D

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