Wanna be part of a study on women's fitness?

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Dee Dee
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Wanna be part of a study on women's fitness?

Post by Dee Dee » Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:09 pm

Hiya all,

For those who don't know I am currently doing a Masters in Nutrition and am about to start my dissertation. It is a scientific study looking at the effects of Vitamin D supplementation on cardio fitness, muscle strength and recovery in active women. Hopefully it will get published when it is done because few things look at women on their own! There's an advert and information below. I need 20 folk ideally. If you fancy it please have a read below and let me know if you fancy it by email. Feel free to pass around to your active pals (there's a few exclusion criteria due to the unis rules for using the eqiuipment when you are a Masters student)


Would you like to find out about your body composition, how fit you are, how your cardiovascular system is performing, what your max leg strength is and how quickly you recover from a burst of exercise?

Are you an active woman between 18 and 40 who exercises for at least 30 minutes 3 times per week?

If you answered yes to these questions then you might want to take part in our research study.

Who are we and what is our study about?

We are Grant McPherson and Gemma Oversby. We are two Masters students at Queen Margaret University studying Public Health Nutrition. We are very interested in exercise and nutrition.

Our study is looking at the effect of vitamin D supplements on aerobic exercise performance, the cardiovascular system, muscle strength and exercise recovery. We are also looking at levels of vitamin D in the blood of active women in Scotland in the summer.

Who can take part?
Any healthy woman between 18 and 40 who exercises for at least 30 mins 3 times a week.

Who cannot take part?
Unfortunately some people cannot take part.

These are:
• Men – our study is only looking at women
• Those taking vitamin D, multivitamins or fish oil tablets containing vitamin D.
• Anyone with diabetes, asthma or hypertension
• Anyone taking medication other than contraceptives
• Pregnant or breastfeeding women
• Anyone who has been on a sunny holiday in the last 3 months who did not wear sunscreen.

What will happen in the study?
If you agree to take part you will need to come to 2 sessions at Queen Margaret University for up to 3 hours each time.

You will be asked to fill in a diary of your food intake for 4 days before the study and will be asked about the types of foods you normally eat, how often you have been in the sun and what your exercise level is like. When you come to QMU you will have a number of measurements taken.

What things will we measure?
• Your height and weight and then we will work out your BMI
• Your body composition using BIA
[*] Your VO2 max (using a submaximal test on a bike)
• Your heart rate and blood pressure
• The stiffness of your arteries
• Your maximum leg strength using a digital scale
• We will also take some pin prick blood tests (just using a little finger prick) to see what your level of vitamin D is and your blood lactate levels (this will tell us how quickly you recover from the bike exercise.)

We will take most measurements before, straight after and during a 30 minute recovery period to see how fast you recover from a burst of exercise.

All data will be anonymous and confidential. You will be able to drop out at any point and do not need to give a reason for your decision.

Want to take part?
If you would like to take part and think you are eligible please email either Gemma or Grant on the details below. If you have any questions you can email either of us or our supervisors using the details below.

Contact us

Researchers: Gemma Oversby: 16009493@qmu.ac.uk (you can alos get me on gemmaoversby@gmail.com as per arrg but I have to use the uni email for all study related stuff)
Grant McPherson 15010271@qmu.ac.uk

Supervisors: Raquel Revuelta Iniesta: RRevueltaIniesta@qmu.ac.uk
Jane McCluskey: JMcCluskey@qmu.ac.uk
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Evelyn Tent
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Re: Wanna be part of a study on women's fitness?

Post by Evelyn Tent » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:39 pm

Unfortunately can't take part as I don't fit your criteria but would be very interested in reading the results!
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