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wheels, boots and plates for sale!

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:48 pm
by Lucid Scream
Hey, So I just realised that I posted a load of stuff for sale in the wrong forum section, what an idiot. So in case anyone hadn't seen it and is looking for new stuff, here you go!

'I'm selling 3 sets of 4 Suregrip Zombie wheels in hardnesses- 89, 92 & 95, these are good to swap around pusher set ups when moving between different floors, harder for JK, softer for the crags.... I'm looking for £38 a set or £100 for all three. They've only been used two or three times so in really good nick.

Also to go is a pair of Reno Oddity boots in size 36 (yes, teeny feets!) these have been used maybe 10 times max (probs less)? A couple of small scuffs on the toes but only aesthetic damage. They're great boots, just don't suit my weird feet and legs, most of Hot Wheels Roller Derby, Leeds skate on hockey boots like these). I paid about £160 for them earlier this year and I'm looking for £130 although open to reasonable offers. Happy to let people try them on too.

Finally, I'm selling a pair of Suregrip Avenger aluminium plates, to fit ickle skates (see above) I've skated on these off and on for a couple of years (more off than on tbh) but they've never been subjected to any really hard skating so still in good nick. These go for about £110 new so I'd be happy to take £85, again open to sensible offers.

Now- all of the above would be a super buy for a small footed fresh meat to progress onto! So if anyone would interest in taking the lot I'd be prepared to do a deal, PM me!

(PS, this isn't me calling it quits on derby, I just need the monies for shiny new boots and plates)'