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Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 2:50 pm
by Miss Collie-Check
My mate Matthew is looking for some extra work. He'll be up for most things, and lives with me so is used to being bossed about :dangerbanana: :dangerbanana: :dangerbanana:

"Hi Peeps. I'm looking for some extra pocket money at the moment, as my allowance from Mr Osborne is but meagre pennies. I love looking after dogs and bairns and have plenty of experience in both. Three nieces and two part time dugs will testify to that. I've helped out Alma, Xena, and Kiki in the past. So if you might need anyone for a few hours give me a shout. 07726 149203. I am available during derby training hours. :gmhappy: :gmhappy: