The Big O visits janetzillah

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The Big O visits janetzillah

Post by ZILLAH » Mon Dec 30, 2013 6:29 pm

Hi you,
yes you that skater that is going to the big O.
I am here to tell you how to come visit the motherland of vancouver island, if you so choose to take up the challenge.
I will tell you now, if you wnated to come here (Victoria, BC) it is about a
5 - 12 (!) hour journey depending on how you travel.
There are 3 main options:


This is obviously the greyhound bus. (go to You would take it from Eugene to Vancouver. It says it takes 12 hours. Long day! It is about $60 in advance, one way. Once at the vancouver bus terminal, you would have to get on the PCL (pacific coach lines) to the 'Swartz Bay Ferry'. This will cost about $40. the ferry is an hour and a half and the bus is about 45 mins to the ferry.
I would meet you at swartz bay cuz i am nice like that....
Total: ~$100
Time: ~16 hours (ouch!)


This is a nice option cuz you get a shitty bus ride and an amazing super fast passenger ferry. it is 7/8 hours to seattle and about $35 one way. Once in seattle you go to the port/shore/where the boats are (you need to google it, it's somewhere near the water).
the clipper is a 2 hour 45 min journey straight from seattle to the Victoria Inner harbour. Super awesome and easy and probably your best option.
It is about $90 return. I believe they only do return tix.
Total: ~$125
Time: ~11 hours (much better phew)


this is a beautiful option, taking the train through the cascade mountains (or not, there are different schedules).
Depending on what sched you choose, it is all train to vancouver or a bus/train mix. (probably a nicer bus than the greyhound. not sure really).
LRG took this option to portland and it looked really nice.

the amtrak cascades leaves from eugene straight to Van. some options are all train, some are a bus/train mix. all seem to take about 8 hours. $85 return OR one way it looks like. There are a number of different options to choose from. When you look at the choices, all the options in the one price box are for the ONE journey.
You will almost always have to transfer in seattle and get off in Van. Again, Vancouver is always the PCL to swartz Bay (ferry). again about $40 (including the ferry).
Total: ~$130
Time: ~11/13 hours.

My personal opinion is with the bus/clipper mix. But ya never know eh?

Now, I won't hold it against you if you don't come here cuz like, it is a bit of a journey (but i would be with you since i have to come back here right?).
so it would end up being quite easy and we can always stop for ethiopian food in seattle. or go to pike place market.


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Re: The Bog O visits janetzillah

Post by Pope John Brawl » Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:18 pm

This is lovely and I am sure that you will have visitors <3

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